Friday, January 6, 2012


Hi Everyone, just wanted to let you know I'm still here.  A lot has happened over the last few months.  For one thing I've finally retired from 46 years of working outside the home and can't believe the freedom I feel right now not having to answer to a boss.  My time is now my own and I love it.  My husband is also retired and we are enjoying life as much as we can.  Of course we have had to scale back on things but it is worth it.  We are loving the free time to volunteer with our church and other community activities and to be available for our family when they need us.  Best part is we are here for our granddaughter whenever she wants to visit like during Christmas vacation.
We had such a good time.  I taught her how to sew and she started making a very simple quilt.  We also worked on other crafts and just spent some good quality time together.  I love being a grandma.

I have also been doing many of the things around my home that have been overlooked because of my lack of time.  You know all those tedious things like cleaning out drawers, replacing shelf lining, arranging and organizing pantry shelves, closets and throwing away all those extra items we accumulate.  I really needed a lot of time to accomplish that.

I have been neglecting my blog because of being busy with different chores around my home.  I'm hoping to get back to blogging on a more regular basis soon.  I would like to add pictures of my home and some of the changes we've made. I am not a very good photographer but I do the best I can.  Hopefully 2012 will be better and I'll have more pictures to show together with some recipes and other organization ideas for you.  There are so many ideas floating around in my head but putting them all down is another matter.

Here is a picture of some chocolate brownie biscotti I made that are absolutely to die for.  They are not dry like regular biscotti and are fantastic especially if you like to dip them in your coffee.  If anyone wants the recipe let me know.  If I get enough responses I'll post it. These are fabulous.
It looks like a bite was take out on the right side but that was just a piece that broke off.  Believe me, I wanted to bite it but thought that would be too tacky.  These are pretty easy to make too. 

I hope to write more often and keep this blog going.  I wish all of you are very blessed New Year and may you all enjoy good health and prosperity.

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  1. Congrats on your retirement, and c'mon everyone...we would LOVE that biscotti recipe...right? I would! Enjoy your weekend, Kathy

  2. I would love the recipe, sounds yummy and anything that has chocolate and brownies in it MUST be good. So happy for you and your retirement, enjoy each day

  3. So glad you are enjoying your retirement Kathy!! When I quit working, the first few months I did all those things you mentioned as well. Now they all need redoing ~ between Lili and my folks and my part time job, I seem to be back to where I was when I worked with not enough time but now I am 7 years older and the computer calls my name a lot more than it did back then too! LOL

    Isn't it wonderful to have time with your grand daughter! (she is a very pretty young lady!) I wouldn't trade my time with Lili for all the clean drawers in the world!

    Looking forward to your organizing ideas and recipes!! Happy New Year!! hugs!!

  4. Hi Kathy: Welcome back to blogging and Congratulations on your Retirement. Yes, the first thing I did when I retired was "clean my shower." LOL And it went on from there. Now I am at the computer much more and don't keep organized the way I thought I would. But It is so much more fun to blog and search Mr. Google. Now I am so busy I don't know how I had time to work! You will find that, too and you will love it. Yes, I would also love to have that recipe...see, now you have a subject for your next post (I hope). I hope to see you more often and hear about your activities and home.
    {{HUGS}} Joy


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