Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Fever

Well Spring has finally arrived here in California.  It decided to take its sweet time just like it has with the rest of the country.  I know many of you are saying that we have nothing to complain about and you are right, we have nice weather most of the year but this year we had to wait a bit longer than usual.

Since we have had some nice weather, the urge to get things spruced up has hit us so we have done a little work around the yard.  We cleared out the old to make room for the new.  Here are a few pictures of what it looks like in the front of our house.  These are Martha Washington geraniums which bloom every year.  I like these type of flowers, pay once enjoy forever.

We still need to do some trimming and our grass is not the greatest but I love the colors of the flowers. 
This is a hillside that we always have trouble keeping up with.  Right now there are blooms and it is colorful but sometimes it is just full of weeds and a lot of work to manage.  Things just seem to grow wild here.

We love our little wagon.  We are still working on it and will fill it up with more flowers and better pots.  In the fall we have hay bales and pumpkins.  It is really a great focal point to decorate for each season.

Since I had a little time one day after a dental appointment, I stopped at an antique store that was on my way.  This place had been there for years but I never went in before.  You could barely move around it was so crowded and small.  I wouldn't say it was a very good place to shop but I did find some cute items.  It reminded me more of something you would see in grandma's basement.  There were boxes filled with stuff, books all over the place.  I  did manage to get a couple of nice things at least I think so.
I found a few baby dresses that had a few stains in some areas.  I thought some of them looked like blood and started wondering what happened, did the babies get hurt, were they okay, got me pretty sentimental for a few moments. 
There are also small tears but barely noticeable.  They were just stuffed in a box along with other shawls and blankets.
This is a beautiful long infants night shirt.  It could have been a baptism outfit as well.  It is made of a little heavier cotton than the others with a couple of tiny tears.  The neck edge is trimmed with delicate lace and the upper bodice has some smocking.  The handiwork is gorgeous.

It wouldn't be complete without a bonnet.  This alone was worth the money.  The cut out work and the lace is so beautiful.  I know this must have taken a lot of time to make.  I think I paid about $7.50 for everything  and there is one other small dress that I didn't show so I think I got a good deal, don't you. 

I also managed to get these old books which I think are just perfectly prim.  One is an old arithmetic book and it actually had a paper with math problems on it.  Wonder if it was somebody's homework.
This bonnet I bought also but it was a light pink and white check.  I think it was $2.00.  I ended up soaking it in coffee to stain it.  I know I took the before picture of how light it was but I can't find it now.  I hate when that happens.  Anyway, this is how it looks after coffee stained.  Remember it was a light pink and white gingham.
It really looks different now.  It took quite a long time to get this way.  Apparently gingham doesn't like coffee too much.  The fabric would not soak it in .  I ended up putting in some instant coffee to just to make it darker.  I do like how it looks now.  It really aged quite a bit.

So if you are finally getting some lovely spring weather where you are I hope you get out and do something fun.  I love working in the yard and seeing things grow.  My hubby and I started a raised bed garden and we are hoping to get some nice fresh vegetables this summer.  Next time I'll have some pictures of our plants.  Of course, I forgot to take the before pictures.  I never seem to remember that.

Spring is also a time for new beginnings, new things spring to life and that which looked dead over the winter seems to blossom into something of beauty.  We all can take a lesson from that.  I know I seem to reflect on my life at this time of the year.  I think of what I need to weed out, get rid of the junk so to speak and make room for the new and better things.  We sometimes have to prune ourselves too.  We could be holding on to some things that keep us from living a full and complete life.  It isn't worth it.  I know I try to think of how I can live more in peace and if that means forgiving someone or going the extra mile to help someone then I try to do it.  We shouldn't let those hurts take over our lives because they will develop roots, grow so deep and be hard weed out. 

Make it your mission that going forward into a new season, you will strive to "bloom where you are planted" and remove all those weeds and debris and allow flowers to grow and the beautiful fragrance to take over your life from now on.  It is not worth it to hold on to anything that robs you of blooming into the beautiful person  you are. 

So until next time, may your garden of life be always filled with fragrant blooms.



  1. Oh look at that color!! So pretty and lush!! My creeping phlox has a few blooms and the forsythia is bright yellow but the only other color outside is green in the tender stalks of plants and the green and red buds on the maple trees.

    I love the old clothing. Don't you wish you could trace them back in time!??

    Have a great week! HUGS!

  2. The flowers look great! Love your wagon!


  3. Your garden is just breathtaking. We are just getting flowers to peek through the dirt right now. Can't wait for some blooming action around here! :)


  4. I love springtime and all the new life it brings! Your gardens are simply amazing along with the beautiful old childrens clothing.
    Wonderful post. Wishing you a wonderful Easter week!


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