Monday, March 28, 2011

Jury Duty Surprises

Last Monday I had to report for jury duty.  In California you get the summons and the weekend prior you call a phone number to see if your group has been selected for Monday.  If you are not needed for Monday you have to call every evening to check in to see if you are needed for the next day and so on until Thursday evening.  If you are not called by then well you are one of the lucky ones, your jury service is completed and you don't have to report for another year.

I did my duty and called the Saturday prior and of course as luck would have it I had to report on the Monday.  It was one of our rainy days and the drive I  had was quite far.  I was not looking forward to this.  I dragged myself out of bed early and was sure I'd be in for a day of boredom.  Most of the time you just sit and wait and if you do get called to a jury room well, you wait some more and then either get picked, let go or go back and sit in the jury room again. 

It was a long morning and a few people were called but were still waiting for the courtroom to be ready for them.  We broke for lunch and we didn't have to report back for 1-1/2 hours.  I surely didn't want to wait there so even though it was raining I decided to take a walk.  As I was walking, I remembered an Antique/Primitive shop that was close by.  I hadn't been there for at least 2 years or so.  I began to pick up my pace.  The rain didn't help, but it didn't deter me either.  I was getting anxious by the minute.  I finally got to the store and was overwhelmed.  I didn't drive because I didn't want to lose my parking place but I wish I had.  There were more items I would have bought, well again, money had to be figured into it too.  I posted earlier about my cabinet and how I wanted to find some more crocks well I did.

This is a good size crock and is pretty old but I can't tell the age.  There are no marks on it but there are nice streaks going through the coloring and it is in excellent shape.  No cracks or chips.

I just kept findings so many things I liked.  I wasn't thinking about carrying these to my car.  I also found this nice crock, well actually it looks like a jug more than a crock

Do you notice the swirl effect going through it.  I thought that was so neat.  She had so many great things in her shop.  Again, I wish I had driven there.

I also picked up this pitcher and loved the stripe in the middle  I have a small crock that has a stripe in middle very similiar to this pitcher.

As you can see, I wasn't thinking about the weight of these objects at all.  I had to carry them to my car before the next session of my jury duty began.  It was a few blocks away. I must have been crazy because it was raining, I had a purse, a tote bag for my goodies to eat, water bottle, snacks, reading material and then I had these items to carry too.  I guess when you see what you like all at once you don't think of things like how you are going to transport them.

I also found this cute dish, not sure what you would call it but I liked it.  I'm sure it has a name, maybe somebody knows.

I've seen these before but I'm not sure if they have a name.

Anyway those were my jury duty surprises.  No I never did get called for any jury thank goodness.  I just stayed there most of the day and did manage to carry those heavy crocks to the car but had a backache the next day.  Of course, it was all worth it. 

Here is a picture of what my cupboard looks like now.  It still needs a few more touches here and there.  I need some little things to make it complete.


So the next time you get called for jury duty, don't be frustrated, maybe something good will come out of it.  I am so happy I went that day.  That antique store is not very close to my house but if it were, I probably would be there more often.  I think my husband is very glad that it isn't.

Until next time, you can always find something positive in an otherwise negative situation.



  1. I so can relate to the long boring wait and not wanting to loose your parking place. Our new courthouse has NO parking so we have to park blocks away in a not so nice area. It sure doesn't make anyone want to do their civic duty! And there are no nice shops like that in the area either! I am so glad you at least got to visit that shop on your lunch break. I can imagine the walk back - my aching back!! But like you said, it is worth it!! You done good!! HUGS!!

  2. Kathy,
    I have been called twice for jury duty recently. I can identify with the long boring wait, then I got chosen to sit on the jury...luckily the case was dismissed after one day! But there was no prim/antique shopping involved for me. I love your purchases. Just imagine what you would have bought if your car would have been right outside the door!! You will have to go back! Everything looks wonderful in your cupboard! Have a great day my friend! ~Sarah~

  3. I hope your jury duty ends soon. I love all the wonderful things that you found at the antique shop. They look wonderful on your cabinet!!!


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