Saturday, March 5, 2011

Simple Displays

I love to look at pictures of other blogger's homes as well as homes in magazines and on line.  I am always amazed as how they get the look that I would like to have.  I move things around and tweak but never get it quite right.  Do you feel that way?  I think most of us do at one time or another.  Other people seem to have a special talent for doing it just right.

I think part of life is wanting what we don't have and it is normal to feel that way as long as it doesn't become an obsession and cause financial hardship or other issues.  We should always try to live within our means.  This is one reason why I love the primitive look.  You can shop at a thrift store and redo a piece and make it your own without having to spend a lot of money.  Look at what I did with this one.  Sorry I don't have the before picture since all these makeovers were done before I had a blog so no before pictures were taken.   

I found it at a thrift store and it was pretty bad.  It didn't look like much but I sanded it and painted it and then sanded the edges a little to rough it up a bit and I had a nice wall box.  These sell for quite a bit at the stores so I felt I had a bargain.  Don't you feel good when you find a bargain?
Here is another make over I did.  This time I painted and sanded the box and breadboards but also put on primitive labels.   They really add to the old fashioned look.

When I was first married, I grew up in New England and all our homes had wallpaper on the walls.  It was such a chore first picking out the wallpaper and then hanging it or paying someone to do it for you.  Now I have painted walls and it is much better.  It is so easy to change your color scheme with paint and wallpaper is so expensive. 

I found this cabinet at an antique/thrift store and it had some broken glass on the front.  I was going to replace the glass but I decided not to.  I also thought of putting some screening on the front but then just left it without anything on the door.  I actually like it the way it is.  Everythihg inside was purchased at thrift stores.  The tiny Mason jars were from World Market and the blue bowl at the top I think was from an antique store.

I think this shelf was purchased from the same place as above and was pretty bad and worn out.  I just painted it black.

This is a cross stitch wall hanging that a friend of mine did for me.  I just love cross stitch and stitchery in general.  She was a coworker and loved doing it.  I have a few displayed throughout my home and just think they are so special. 
Who doesn't love Annie?  I have quite a few different types of her.  This one is pretty stained and tea dyed.  I love it.  She still has a happy face despite her worn clothes.  She is not concerned that she is dirty either.  She loves sitting on my shelf and stays happy all day long.  I think Annie will always remain a primitive lover's special gal.

This peg rack says Home Sweet Home and is in my front hallway as you open the front door.  I just love the bonnets and the little black praire dress.  I can't imagine having to wear a bonnet all day long.  We are so fortunate today that we are not restricted by certain types of clothing as they were years ago.  Wearing black dresses in the heat would be unbearable and they didn't have air conditioning.  This is where my Annie sits.  She is right on top along with some other treasures.  I'll have to show you those next time.

So these are a few of my displays throughout the house.  I thought you might like to see some of the things I like and take a little peak into my home.  Again, I love how others decorate their homes and those touches they put on their decorating.  We all have are own ways of doing things and that is what makes our homes unique.

Remember that whatever type of home you have, small, big, apartment, condo, modular home, one room, whatever it is, you can make it yours simply by putting your special touches.  We each have our own special talents and gifts and they come through in the way we dress and the way we decorate.  We have color preferences and design choices.  You probably already know many bloggers and can tell their home without even seeing their name because of their particular design style.  Everyone is unique and even though we may try to be like someone else, our own style still makes it way through.  Don't be afraid to shine in your own light.  Use your talents and be free to follow your own choices.  I like primitive and country style but my friends like other styles and their homes are lovely as well.  Follow your inner voice and do what you like. 

So until next time, remember that style is unique and so are you.



  1. Lovely displays Kathy - I especially love the saying on that stitchery! It is so true!! And I believe we can catch from ourselves too - looking at the good and happy things in our lives and focusing on them really does help change ones outlook.

    Wonderful message in this post and I agree whole heartedly. It's all about making it our own, and finding a balance while we do that.

    Have a great week - HUGS!!

  2. I enjoyed your displays. I think your cabinet is perfect w/o the glass.

  3. Hi Kathy,
    You have a lovely blog here :) I think you've done a wonderful job with...feels quite warm a cozy to me!
    Love all your displays--and I especially love your wood wall cabinet. Love it without any glass!
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Hi Kathy! Your displays and makeovers look great.. Love the Annie doll. I just became a follower. Please stop by and visit and follow if you would like. Have a great day! Tina


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