Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tea Time Anyone?

When I was growing up, we always had tea with our meals.  My mom would make a big pot and that was our beverage.  Of course as a young child, I was not allowed to have any but I'm not sure at what age that changed.  I don't know of any other family who served tea with their meals but we did.

My mom had 5 sisters and when they would get together it was a tea party.  Nobody served coffee that much except for breakfast but those ladies loved their tea.  I watched how they hovered around their beautiful china cups and talked about their lives and laughed and cried together.  I envied their bond and friendship.  Our home was always filled with one relative or another and I became very close to my aunts.  I started to share in their tea parties once I was older and it was always a special treat.

One day I noticed my mom setting out all those beautiful china cups and saucers and thought that maybe some day I would own a few of them.  I always loved nice dishes and china and hoped one day I would have some of my own.  My mom's were very special to her.   Each one had been a gift either for a birthday gift or a time when she was in the hospital or for a special occasion so each carried with it a story of its own.

After being married for several years, I was able to start my own collection and when my mom and mother-in-law passed away I inherited their collections.  I cherish those more than anything.  Each cup and saucer is designed in a special way. 
Like this set with its gorgeous flowers, beautiful handpainted design and the cut outs on the saucer.  You would look at this and marvel at its delicate features.  You probably would be somewhat hesitant to pick it up feeling it might be fragile, wondering if it would break.  Well you might be surprised by this little secret that this beautiful set has a flaw.  The back of the saucer has broken pieces but the beauty is still there. 

I'm reminded how much like people this cup and sauce is.  We all have our beauty, designed with all the patterns and etchings that make up our personality and nature.  We have some holes and cut outs which we  have struggled with all the while adding to our character and making us stronger.  Most of all we keep our broken side from showing because we need to carry on in life, letting those we love know we are okay.  We push the sadness and hurt to the back and let the beauty shine.  We may look fragile but we have to be tough for our families.  We are women and moms.  We hold everything together and keep the family intact. 

I love a tea party.  I think women need women and having that best buddy around who you can call when you need someone is one of life's greatest gifts.  We all need a person who will be there to listen whenever we need to vent. 

I enjoy getting out my tea cups and sharing the beauty of them with my friends.  I once had a Chrismas tea brunch and it was great, little tea sandwiches, different types of teas, little cakes and cookies.  We sipped our tea, enjoyed the company of friends and shared  special Christmas memories.  I even used my special Christmas cup. 

You don't need a party to enjoy a good cup of tea.  When I drink tea by myself, I use one of my special china cups.  I don't just collect them but use them all the time.  When my granddaughter visits and she wants a tea party, I let her pick out the cup she wants and we sit down and have a tea party.  Sometimes we sit on the floor with a blanket, sometimes we use the coffee table, whatever she wants, she is in charge.  She has been using my cups since she was about 3 years old.  She knows their value and always handles them with care.  I want her to feel loved and cherished and to understand that she means more to me than a china cup so if she broke one, it would be okay.  She never has.  I want her to feel that tea parties at  grandma's house are fun and are always special and you are never too old to have one.

Years ago women would get together in the afternoon and chat with each other over tea and cookies or cakes,whatever was on hand.  I think we have lost that closeness with neighbors and friends because of e-mail, internet, jobs and the hustle and bustle of life.  It is really sad because the people in our lives are what it is all about.  When was the last time you saw your best friend and sat down and had a good "chat" with her?  Are you just texting now?  Do you just email all the time? A quick note and that's it.  It is not the same.  I am guilty of those same habits.  I have a full time job and not much time left over for anything else or is that really true or just an excuse.  I have some very dear friends who I have totally lost personal contact with.  Oh we email and sometimes briefly talk on the phone every few months but the intimate closeness we had when we saw each other more often has disappeared.  You need that one-on-one face-to-face contact to make it personal.

So have a tea party.  Call your friends and make some tea.  All you need is maybe an hour or so.  Even send out cute little invitations and put a time restriction on the invite this way there is no obligation to spend the entire day.  Make it early maybe a Saturday morning so your friends can have the rest of the day to do whatever they need to do.  Get together and "chat" .  See how better in touch with each other you become.   If you do follow through with this suggestion, I would love to hear back on how things went. 

This is a minature tea set, just darling

I hope you do connect with your special friends and if not in person, give them a call at least.  Forget all the emails and texting, let them hear your voice.  Catch up on what has been going on in their lives.  It would be a tragedy if they have suffered a loss or hardship and you never even knew. 

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you today just the way you are.  anonymous

So ladies and gents let's get brewing and be creative.  If for some reason you just don't like tea, make it coffee instead or ice tea or whatever.  Have some girl time, regroup and revive relationships.  Let me know how you do. 

I think I'll make me a cup of tea right now.  For some reason I'm in the mood for some apple cinnamon with a touch of honey.  Until next time may your cup runneth over with the love of good friends.

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  1. Hi Kathy: I really enjoy your have a way with words. I love the tea cups. I used to be the grandchild when My grandma and I last had tea. You are so lucky to have the tea cup collections! I am also a follower and am truly embarrassed to see my pic still next to the "followers" word. I don't understand blogger :( sometimes but hopefully someone cuter than I will replace me soon! Hugs, Joy


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