Saturday, March 12, 2011

Too Many Hats to Juggle

Hats are something you either love to wear or just never wear.  I think they are great but on other people.  I personally don't feel I look good in them.  When I lived in Rhode Island, the winters were cold and most of us wore them for warmth.  When I was a teenager, though, I didn't want to mess up my hair so I refused to wear one.  Boy I can still hear my mom's voice telling me to "go put a hat on".  

My mom on the other hand looked so elegant in her hats.  In her day, no lady went anywhere without proper head covering. 

 Moms today do wear hats, differents types of hats for different reasons.  We all are so busy raising a family, working, cooking, making lunches, helping with homework, laundry, cleaning,  grocery shopping and running the kids here, and there constantly juggling those hats hoping we don't drop any.  That's too many hats to juggle and still feel together and in control.  Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, frustrated, overcomitted? It could be you  have too much on your plate, trying to do too much at one time so maybe now it is time to let something go. 

It is time to take inventory of everything you do and see what is not only important but necessary to your life.  There are many things we do that are good but you must weed out the good and concentrate on the BEST by learning to set priorities.  We do it for the kids, wanting them to have it all but what they truly need is A HAPPY MOM, A HAPPY HOME, A PEACEFUL PLACE TO LIVE.  If you fall apart, what will happen to their security and feeling of being safe. 

I know from experience.  I have been there and lived it.  I walked where you walk right now and had the frustrations and feelings of being torn between job and home, activities, commitments, housework, chores and endless obligations in between. 

If you have infants or toddlers, they will not be young for much longer.  I encourage you to spend as much time with them as you can.  They don't need a lot of planned or arranged activities at that age, they just want you.

When they get sick and need comforting, they want their mom to hold them and wipe away those tears.  They want the special touch that only mom can bring.  They need to know that you are just a few steps away.  If you have a full time job like I did, save your free time for the family.  Encourage everyone to pitch in with the chores and help out.  Young childen are very capable of doing things around the house if given the chance.  My children were making their beds at 5 years old and no matter how it looked I left it that way and little by little they learned to do it correctly.  They never went to school with an undone bed (well almost never). 

You also have to be a very good psychologist/psychiatrist and learn the right way to handle situations and help them to grow into mature adults and that is by giving them responsibilities at a young age.   

We are busy women.  We have much to do.  If you are blessed with more than one child, well you know the work involved and how hard it is to keep up but it doesn't have to be a curse.  As you care for your family, remember to be thankful that you were chosen for this job we call "mom".  You were given a gift of a family that many do not have.  When you are making those lunches, be grateful for those children or child who has enriched your life so much and brought you joy instead of thinking of the messes and extra work you have to do.  When you cook those meals, be joyful that you have food to feed your family and a stove to cook it on and loved ones who are happy to see you and gather around the family table.  As you fold the laundry, pray for those dear to you and be blessed that they have clean clothes and a place to get them clean. 

So many times we look at the negatives of our life especially when we are busy and overwhelmed.  We get so frustrated by all that is in front of us, we burn out.  We need to step back, take a deep breath, slow down, regroup and scale back.  Don't get so busy you lose sight of what is right in front of you.  Sometime you may have to leave chores undone to take the kids to the park on a beautiful day.  It is okay, nobody is going to check your home for dust.  Don't put that kind of stress on yourself.  Enjoy your family and the time you have to spend with your children. You are allowed.

Life is so precious and the people we have in it even more so.  As I look back, I realize that my children didn't care if I had perfectly polished furniture or dusted every nook and crannie, they wanted me to sit down and play a game with them, take time to have some fun, even watch a TV show with them, that was all they cared about.  Your dust will always be there but the children won't.  Try not to get so absorbed in life's trap of being so busy that you miss your actual LIFE. 

Right now times are hard for so many people and it takes tough decisions to make it through tough times but families will prevail if they stick together.  I encourage you to look at everything you do, evaluate what is really essential, let go of everything else and simplify your life as best you can.  Your family needs you and you need them. 

The memories we give may a lifetime live
in the heart of those we hold close
Author Unknown
 So until next time, simplify your life, stop juggling all those hats and scale back.  You will not regret it.



  1. Another thoughtful post Kathy!! Thanks for sharing!! HUGS!!

  2. I have a friend who would put Get Well cards on her mantle if she had company coming and didn't feel like dusting! ROFL Great post!


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