Sunday, February 6, 2011

Welcome to My Blog

I am so happy you decided to visit my blog.  I am new to this and am excited to start this new journey into the world of blogging.  I know most people blog about their daily lives and the exciting things that happen to them whether it is with their children, jobs or lives in general.  This has become their life's journal in a way and it keeps them in touch with others who want to know how their lives are going.  Well my blog might be a little different.  My children are all grown and I don't really lead a very exciting life.  I thought I would blog about what I've already been through and maybe take you backwards in my life and along the way share with you what I've learned about raising a family and trying to keep it all together through good times and bad.  I have gained so much insight into what is really important in life and like they say if only I knew.  I'm hoping that I can share some of that insight with you and help you understand that much of what we stress about really doesn't matter in the end.  We usually are doing a lot of it to ourselves. 

To me having a family, raising children and having a grandchild is one of life's richest blessings but the time goes by so fast.  Take each day and make it matter.  Those babies are not going to stay small very long.  Those little feet will be on the move before you know it.  Those tiny hands will one day be holding the steering wheel of a car so hold on tight. 

My hope in doing this blog is to share my deepest thoughts and feelings with you that the precious treasures we were given need to feel loved and cared for in everything we do for them and with them.  

In future blogs I hope to share some of my life's experiences together with lessons I've learned along the way and solutions that have helped me keep my sanity (well most of the time) while raising 3 children as well as being a working mom.  Feel free to leave your comments and/or questions and I'll be sure to reply.  

Again, this is new for me too so let's take this journey together. 



  1. Kathy~
    I am your first follower! I think it looks like you have a wonderful start! I am looking forward to your future posts. I know you will enjoy blogging, it is a great way to share, to reach out and to meet people. Take care my friend, I will be visiting again! Hugs to you. ~Sarah~

  2. Hi Kathy...............I heard about you from Sara's blog and now I am a follower too.
    I was the same age as you were when you married and now 45 years have passed!

  3. Welcome to blogging!! Oh it is so true how time flies, especially as we age and our children grow. And then with the grands come along, it just zooms by!


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