Monday, February 14, 2011

Love In Our Hearts

It is February 14 and on the calendar it says Valentine's Day.  A day to focus on our loved ones.  We are told weeks ahead this day is coming and the commercials are going to make sure we don't forget to tell our sweetie, honey, cutie pie and little darlin that we love them while supporting the retail stores with our purchases.  It is like that with every holiday I guess, pushed by commercialism.  I hope this holiday built around love is different.  Gifts are not the answer but it is the love that matters the most.  Make this day extra special for all those you love.  Tell them you love them over and over again.

We all need warm hugs to make us feel safe and cared for, give some each day, hug your children constantly.  I remember when my boys got older and you know how they get, they shy away from any signs of affection especially when their friends were around, well I never cared for that idea so I would still hug them and even hug their friends.  I knew some of their friends didn't have very good home lives and even though they were boys and sometimes act all tough and cool, I think deep down they liked it.  Don't ever stop giving affection no matter how old your children get or even their friends.  I still hug them to this day and will never stop.

As for your sweetie, whether it is a husband, boyfriend or fiance, make sure they know how you feel too.  They can't read your mind.  Don't wait for that anniversary or Valentine's Day or their birthday.  Make it a point to demonstrate some type of affection every day.  It is good for the soul.  It is good for the mind and spirit.  We all need it so desperately especially in this world that is full of hate, bitterness and anger.  Our loved ones have to feel safe and loved always.  You will be surprised what you get back in return.  Love should be unconditional just like my puppy Mia, who doesn't expect anything in return.  It will come back to you just wait and see. 

If  you are not an affectionate person, take baby steps.  Maybe start with a touch or a quick peck on the cheek, send some notes in the lunches.  I used to put notes in my kids' lunches a lot until they got too old and were embarrassed then I wanted to do it more, but decided not to, that might be going too far. 

On this Valentine's Day I pray you are with the ones you love and if not as so many are gone due to the war going on, I pray for their safe return and that this time next year you'll be together.  If you have conflict in your life, step back right now and make it a point to resolve whatever is going on.  Don't let another day go by without trying to mend a relationship whether it is a family member or a social relationship.  Life is just too short to carry such pain.  In the end it never really matters who was right or wrong, just that love is more important and family and friends are more important than things or pride.

My wish is that we all learn to share our love with others 365 days a year.  If you are with loved ones today love on them a lot, tell them constantly, hug a lot and often and keep it going through the year. We sometimes base our feelings on our mood and for women we know how that can change.  Try to separate the two because love shouldn't be based on our mood.  It is unconditional.  (I think I said that already)

Hold those babies a little tighter tonight and give them an extra kiss or two.  Spread your love around the home in everything you do because mom's mood usually sets the temperature for the rest of the home. 

I want to close with this little poem and wish you all a wonderful day.  I hope your day is full of love and happy memories.  Until next time.


I'd give you a big hug
everyday if I could

 along with some kisses you know I would
So I hope you like this
that I bottled for you....
kisses when needed
and a big bear hug too!
~ ~


  1. WOOHOO! So happy to see you started a blog and I am so glad you told me! I am off to read your other posts. It looks great by the way!! HUGSS

  2. Hi Kathy: Great little blog. You really have a way with "LOVE" words. I just found you and will be now a follower. Please visit my blog: and leave me a comment and become a follower. Your blog is so did you learn to do it??
    Prim Hugs,


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