Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Can you believe I haven't posted in almost 4 years.  I never intended to go this long without writing but life happened.  The days turned into months and the months into years and I look back now and wonder where all the time went.

My last post was about my new granddaughter Kaelyn and well now she is 3 years old.  I guess my excuse for not posting can be that she took up much of my time. I got to spend time watching her grow up from an infant to a toddler and it has brought me so much joy.

If you have grandchildren, you know what I mean.  They do something to you that you never expected.  The smiles, laughter, hugs and kisses just brighten your day beyond words.  Your heart is ready to burst each time you see them or hear them call you "grandma".  You melt a little each time.

Well Kaelyn is in preschool now and I don't babysit as often.  It seems impossible that she will be 4 in October but time waits for no one.  The years have flown by.  If you have young children or grandchildren, don't rush for them to grow up.  Enjoy every moment you have with them because it all goes by so fast.

So enough about my granddaughter taking up my time.  I also started a soap business where I made my own soap and beauty products.  That was going pretty well until I developed severe pain in my left shoulder and needed surgery.  I had to close my business because the recovery time and physical therapy went longer than expected and my ability to do craft shows and fairs was now impossible. Thus, I closed my business and learned to let it go in order for me to recover.

Letting go of something even if it seems perfect at the time whether it is a business, relationship or job can be devastating but many times it is the right thing and you can't look back.  I knew what I had to do and did it and never looked back.

Sometimes in life what we think is the right thing, turns out not to be.  You can put your heart and soul into something but in the end it just doesn't work out.  You know what, that's okay because it was not meant to be and fighting it won't make it any better.  Life is an adventure and finding out what your passion is or where your skills and abilities lie is part of the journey.

There is nothing wrong with quitting something that doesn't feel right whether it is a job, a relationship or a business.  So much has been said about quitting and "being a quitter" and that it is bad or you are a failure.  This is false.  If you need a change in jobs, go for it.  This might be the time to find a new career.  If you are in a bad relationship, get out.  Don't go another day feeling miserable and unhappy.  It is time to start over.  Close the door on this part of your life and walk proudly through the open door into a better more fulfilling life.  YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE but a person who is looking out for their best interest and happiness.

I know from experience that waiting too long to make a change in careers is never the answer.  You will have regrets and disappointments.  Remember to give it lots of thought before you step out of your comfort zone. Chances are you'll be scared and nervous but if it is the right thing, it will work out.  Research your choices and search your soul to see what is right for you.

We all have been given one life and it is quickly passing us by.  Make the most of every day.  Search your heart and see what you really want your legacy to be.  Are you willing to make changes and step out in faith or will you crawl back in bed and just complain about your life and the hand you were dealt.

There are so many unhappy people in this world, don't add to that number.  Change what you can and accept what can't be changed.  Live your life and enjoy each and every precious moment you were given.

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